Classic, Vintage or both!

When it comes to classic style and that of vintage, most of you reading would be quick to draw a lot of differences between them.

Classic style continues to stand the test of time and promises never going of style.
Vintage style is an art of emulating style that was popular in the previous era.
Well, the differences are surely indisputable but over the years I’ve come to realise and believe that both styles also share quite a number of similarities.

Both styles flatter almost everyone and they never fail to make statements too!
Enough said, have you tried fusing both together?, It’s no style error!


It’s actually cooler than you think as you can see. It all comes down to how you put pieces from both worlds together and styling it up like what I’ve done.
For my look all you need is a classic double-breasted plaid jacket, white round neck tee, white denim pants, a plaid escot cape, a pair of retro-shape sunglasses and a vintage pair of honey chelsea boots.


The escot cap(one of my favourite vintage statement pieces) gives this look a vintage touch which I really love.I fused statement pieces from both worlds to create this classic-vintage look.It’s just like killing two birds with a stone! πŸ˜€


So what’s your take on the classic, vintage and fusing both?, comment it below. Thanks for reading!πŸ‘
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Photographer – Eliezer (@nikeliphotophy)

2 thoughts on “Classic, Vintage or both!

  1. I think it’s about wah makes u unique…
    both will do, cos it brings out a different outlook altogether
    especially wen u blend them well

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