CASUAL, with a dose of MODERNITY.

A casual outfit for me has to do with a good pair of denims, a subtle crew neck shirt or a t-shirt and casual shoes, but when it comes to toning it down with a dose of modernity, that’s where most men get it wrong.

A good polar neck shirt should give you a proper intro to a casual but modern style.It flatters almost everybody with it perfect silhouette.I prefer a white polar neck shirt not for anything but the clean, edgy and independent vibe it gives me.It’s very universal too!


For this style, avoid vibrant or harsh colors.Choose more earth tones to keep things modern like what I have done.The grey pants compliments the white polar neck shirt which perfectly emits a casual but modern vibe.


I finished the look with a pair of black derby shoes.The derby shoe is the perfect choice to make for a casual but modern look.It compliments the look with a dose of modernity!

Would you rock this style and how would you put the ‘casual-modern’ look together’? Feel free to comment.I’ll love to know. Thanks for reading! 👍

Photography – Eliezer(Nikeli Photography)

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